Lease VS Buying

Leasing vs Buying

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Which Financing Option is Best Suited for You?

If you've decided it's time to drive a new Genesis in Farmingdale, NY, our dealership provides a great selection of quality cars for sale. Whether you choose to get a new or preowned car, we ensure your ultimate satisfaction by thoroughly inspecting each car for quality purposes. While you'll get a top-notch car either way, you still need to decide whether you'd like to buy or lease your next car.

Buy or Lease?

One of the major decisions to make when shopping for your next car is how much you want to spend. Ultimately, that will help influence whether you choose to buy or lease. The right choice for you depends on your personal situation. You'll want to factor in your budget along with other considerations, such as what you view as the most important attributes in a car.

Advantages of Leasing

Many people view buying a used vehicle as a wise choice to save money. But in fact, leasing a new car is just as affordable and budget-friendly. Those cost savings mean that you can also afford to get more premium features such as leather seats or an upgraded stereo system that may otherwise be too expensive when you buy.

One of the reasons you end up saving so much money on a lease is that you avoid most of a vehicle's depreciation. A new car can lose over 10 percent of its initial value just by driving home from the dealership lot. If you intend to sell your vehicle at any point after buying it, the original value that the car retains over time will be an important consideration.

Why Lease a New or Used Genesis?

Another great reason to look at leasing is that you don't have to worry about hidden, or exaggerated, expenses that can come with buying a new car. This includes dealership fees, advertising fees, destination charges, and more. Collectively, these fees can amount to thousands of dollars added to the car's sticker price. You may also discover that you get a better price for insurance with a lease and avoid insurance premium payments. The cost of leasing or financing a used car may also be lower than financing a new car.

Benefits of Buying a New Genesis

On the other hand, buying a new Genesis may also have the advantages that you are searching for. Naturally, one of the biggest appeals of a new vehicle is that you'll be able to pull in the driveway with a shiny new car that draws envy from the neighbors. Since the car is new, it will be free of blemishes and aesthetic imperfections. The parts in the new car, including the engine and transmission, will also have a maximal lifespan compared to a used vehicle, which means you'll get more mileage out of your car. Buying a new Genesis from us near Melville also means that you have all the opportunities available to give your car a custom appearance.

The Perks of Ownership

Unlike leasing, buying lets you add on an unlimited number of packages and available upgrades with a new model that the manufacturer can tack on. With the latest Genesis also comes the newest safety technology and other creature comforts. While you'll save money off the price of a car if you buy it used, you may also be able to find good deals on a new car depending on what specials we may be running at the time. If saving money is important for your next new or used car in Amityville, NY, don't hesitate to ask us about other cost-saving opportunities.

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